Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Queen, Black

Condition: New
Assembly Required: Yes
In Packaging: Yes
Functional: Yes
Missing Parts: No
Damaged: No


Retail Price: $111.79

Winning Bid: $40.00

NOTICE: Winning bidder's are subject to a 15% Percent Buyer's Premium added to your total upon checkout. By bidding, you agree to all Terms and Conditions outlined here.

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame with Tool Free Setup, 14 Inches High, Queen, Black

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2022-11-25 20:27:33$40.00R*********g
2022-11-25 20:25:42$39.00M************o
2022-11-25 20:24:08$38.00R*********g
2022-11-25 20:21:24$37.00M************o
2022-11-25 20:21:06$36.00R*********g Auto
2022-11-25 20:21:06$36.00M************o
2022-11-25 20:16:05$35.00R*********g
2022-11-25 20:15:03$34.00M************o
2022-11-25 20:11:33$33.00R*********g
2022-11-25 20:10:19$32.00M************o
2022-11-25 20:10:09$31.00R*********g
2022-11-25 20:06:11$30.00M************o
2022-11-25 20:05:09$29.00R*********g Auto
2022-11-25 20:05:09$29.00M************o
2022-11-25 20:04:23$28.00R*********g
2022-11-25 20:04:13$27.00M************o
2022-11-25 20:02:27$26.00R*********g
2022-11-25 19:54:25$25.00M************o
2022-11-25 19:53:14$24.00E*************x Auto
2022-11-25 19:53:14$24.00M************o
2022-11-25 19:52:50$23.00E*************x Auto
2022-11-25 19:52:50$22.00M************o
2022-11-25 09:24:03$21.00E*************x Auto
2022-11-25 09:24:03$20.00t***********r
2022-11-25 08:24:49$16.00E*************x
2022-11-25 08:24:49$15.00t***********r Auto
2022-11-24 18:56:22$9.00t***********r Auto
2022-11-24 18:56:22$8.00C********3
2022-11-24 10:46:14$1.00t***********r
2022-11-24 09:40:00Auction started



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